About Us

Our diverse community and professional member organizations are at the forefront of mental health programs and services in Alberta. We offer policy and decision makers strong, compelling evidence to influence policy and programs, advocating for people-informed services that offer hope and steady support to clients, their families, and mental health and addictions professionals.

We have been mental health advocates for over two decades. We draw from lived experiences. Our ideas, opinions, and solutions are drawn from the individuals and families impacted by mental illness and our experience as service providers. We work as partners, with the strength of our diverse, collective voice, to find solutions to complex, systemic challenges.

Everyone involved with the Alliance is passionate about mental health. We believe that we each have intrinsic value and that mental illness is part of our stories. And we must do better—as individuals, organizations, and society—to support people with mental illness and to extend that support to their families and communities. Mental health touches people across the lifespan—from children to seniors and at every point in between. Just as we easily notice signs of physical ailments so too should we cultivate a culture that recognizes early signs of mental illness throughout the lifespan.

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Lee Hall, Executive Director


Dr. Judi Malone, Chair
Psychologists’ Association of Alberta 


Rubyann Rice, Vice Chair 

Schizophrenia Society of Alberta 


Lori Pratt, Secretary 
Prosper Place 


Sandy Harper-Jaques,Treasurer
Alberta Association for Marriage
and Family Therapy


Dr. Denise Milne, Past Chair