Member Benefits

Our members represent a diversity of opinions and voices. Collectively, we are a strong, compelling voice influencing mental health and addictions policies and programs. We are passionate about mental health and believe it is incumbent on us—as a society—to do better to support people with mental illness and their families.


As a member of the Alberta Alliance for Mental Health, you will:

  • Build understanding with policymakers about key concerns, challenges, and issues about mental health and addictions

  • Provide expert evidence and practical solutions to influence programs and collaborate with government and funders on legislation, policies, and procedures

  • Access and share diverse knowledge, wisdom, and evolving practice as part of a hub of professional and non-profit agencies who respect the diverse mental health and addictions needs of Albertans

  • Be part of a collective voice that advocates for the rights, causes, and issues that directly affect our members, individuals, and families

  • Contribute to Alliance discussions and decisions as an equal member


  • Participate in workshops, conferences, roundtables, and committees

"Becoming a member provides opportunities  that can grow awareness of the mission, vision, and mandate of your agency and help your voice to be heard in the province. 
Together we ARE stronger!"
Parents Empowering Parents